A few rules

ORGANIC WASTE (locked dumpsters)

In closed paper bags or in another biodegradable, compostable material (max capacity: 30 litres) (UNI EN 13432:2002)

NON RECYCLABLE (locked dumpsters)

Any sort of properly closed bag (max capacity: 40 litres)

GLASS (communal dumpster)

Only empty glass bottles and jars, without plastic bags or any other type of container.

PAPER (door-to-door)

Paper should be in paper bags or cardboard boxes.
Do not use plastic bins. Bring curbside according to the calendar.

PLASTIC/METAL (door-to-door)

In properly-closed, semi-clear plastic bags.
Bring curbside according to the calendar.

GRASS CUTTINGS (door-to-door only if authorized)

In the special container, assigned specially to you (see instructions here)
Bring curbside as instructed when activating the service.