New locked dumpsters
Starting February 24th, the old dumpsters will gradually be replaced by new ones with a digital lock.
There will be two of these new types of containers:
  • - one for trash that cannot be recycled;
  • - one for compost.
It will be possible to open these receptacles only via the AMIA app or a special key card.


Between the two locked containers, you’ll find a bin for glass that is open to all. Remember that this bin is only for glass bottles and jars, no other types of trash!

Residents must pick up their kit before February 24th. It includes:
  • • a 10 liter compost bin;
  • custom access codes to activate the AMIA app;
  • a personal key card to open the dumpsters.

The person who is listed on the Ta.Ri. (the trash pickup service) account, or his/her representative, must pick up the kit during AMIA’s meetings with the public or at the special “ecosportelli” help desks, turning in the compiled form found here.

During the meetings and at the “ecosportelli” help desks, instructions will be provided on how to use the dumpsters and users will be given a chance to practice using them via a simulation.