Dear resident,

the delivery of this pamphlet to homes and businesses in Districts 6 and 7 marks the start of an initiative from the Municipality of Verona, AMIA and SOLORI to improve the management of recyclables and trash and gain more resources to use to clean various neighbourhoods, benefiting the entire region.

Starting on February 24th, the current dumpsters will be gradually replaced with new ones. The new receptacles have two main advantages:

  • - they are larger and feature a modern design, making them more capacious and attractive;
  • - they can be opened only by local residents, eliminating the serious problem of trash being left by those who don't live in Verona.

Waste collection via communal dumpsters will only apply to compost, unrecyclable trash and glass. Paper and plastic/metal will be collected via a curbside, door-to-door service.

The following pages contain information that will help you use the new dumpsters, in addition to the dates that AMIA staff will be in the area to meet with the public and at the "ecosportelli" desks to explain how the new recycling system will work.

I would like to highlight an element of this initiative that we care deeply about: we've chosen to use the slogan of "The future is in our hands" and the image of a child on the cover because we are aware that the future belongs to our children, who, through their expert use of technology, will have to face and resolve the planet's environmental problems.

We are also aware that it is up to all of us adults to immediately do our part to change our habits. Each one of us can make an important contribution to real change, aimed at a more sustainable future.

That's why, in addition to information on how to properly sort recyclables, you will find helpful information on how to reduce your use of natural resources during everyday activities, from buying local, seasonal products to low-impact shopping.
We're asking everyone to truly support our efforts through informed, proactive actions so that this initiative, which will be extended to other neighbourhoods of our great city, will truly be a success.

With residents like you working with us as an agency, we'll be the first to test a new app: the opening of the dumpsters via a smartphone, which will also make it possible for users and the provider of the service to be in direct dialog.
We're confident that if we work together, we can make this project a positive example for others to follow.

Thank you!



AMIA President
Bruno Tacchella